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There's Honor in Asking for Help® Caregiver Wellness Campaign

The There’s Honor in Asking for Help® campaign's mission is to empower employers to advocate and support employees who are caring for a loved one not only to remain employed but to also remain productive in the workplace.

9 Ways Employers can Support the There's Honor in Asking for Help® Caregiver Wellness Campaign
As an employer you have an opportunity to redefine the way you support your employees who care for an elderly or disabled loved one by doing the following:

Be open to flexible work arrangements. Flexibility allows an employee to have the autonomy and control in achieving their work goals while balancing their personal needs. You might use one or more of the following strategies to offer a more flexible schedule for your employees:
  • Flextime
  • Compressed Work Week
  • Part time
  • Modified Job Duties

Encourage employees to access the Emma tool.
Your employee may not know where to start when it comes to caring for an elderly or disabled loved one. Our "Ask Emma" tool will help your employee determine his or her level of wellness as a caring individual. Once submitted, your employee will be provided with immediate feedback and suggested strategies as to where you might start to improve their wellness as a caregiver.

Host Employee & Supervisor Training Seminars/Workshops
Work to reduce employee stress levels by getting the executive management team to fully support the Campaign to raise awareness and ease the burden of employees accessing caregiving services.

Partner with Caregiver Support Services in addition to EAP services.
Please download our brochure to learn more about the programs and services offered by Caregiver Support Services.

Download and share the "How to Eliminate Stress at Work" infographic that provides nine strategies that caregivers can use to reduce their work-related stress.

Brand the #ThereIsHonorInAskingForHelp campaign throughout your organization to show your support for caregivers.

Like and follow Caregiver Support Services on Facebook.

Become a Corporate Member of Caregiver Support Services. Ideal for healthcare organizations, wellness providers, corporations, and programs that employ or seek to support family and/or frontline caregivers.

Purchase a copy of each of the books as a part of your Caregiver Library.
For caregivers who are just beginning their journey. Described as the bible for caregivers, Caregiving in the New Millennium, is an invaluable resource for caregivers of all types. Topics range from best practices to support your loved one to important tips for taking care of you. Included are forms vitally important for getting organized allowing you to keep much needed documentation in one place. You are also provided with helpful hints on how to address the conflicts and tensions that will likely emerge.
For seasoned caregivers who are actively caring for a loved one. Caregivers have unique needs as you provide support and care for your loved ones. At the Heart of the Matter ultimately enables you to look at ways to better care for yourself and enhance your wellness while providing care for your loved one. At the Heart of the Matter captures the many facets of caring for a loved one and helps us understand ourselves in the process. A must read for all caregivers. —Kara Von Ark

For caregivers who are grieving the loss of a loved one. The loss of a loved one can often feel like being in the midst of a raging storm, alone on a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean. The shore of calm and joy is elusive and there are unpredictable, intense moments of sadness and emptiness and even riptides of anger that leave you shaken, isolated, and lost. The anguish of grief is expected when you have cared for someone you love, but you can navigate your way back to the shore, restore your joy, and reclaim your peace.

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