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Caregiver Wellness for Companies

There is Honor in Asking for Help Caregiver Wellness Campaign 


Nearly one-half of all caregivers are working in addition to providing care for a sick or disabled loved one. Very few caregivers are able to balance working and caregiving, yet many do it alone. Unfortunately, working caregivers are reluctant to ask for help from their employers because of stereotypes about employees who have caregiving responsibilities. For example, some may feel that employees who have caregiving duties are less committed or not qualified to get the job done. Such stereotypes can lead to unfavorable treatment and unnecessary stress for an organization's most valuable resource: the employee.  


Employers are equally impacted by occupationally distressed caregivers. For example, employers may be financially burdened when there is a loss of productivity resulting from absenteeism, tardiness, frequent benefit claims, and serious caregiving distractions while on the job, or when they have to replace employees who quit as a result of their caregiving challenges. 


A supportive workplace that fosters occupational wellness is a benefit to both employee and their employers. 


Features and Benefits 




Occupational Wellness 

Certified professionals to answer questions and coordinate care activities for your employee. This allows increased productivity and less time stressing about caregiving situations, saving your company money. Many caregivers experience occupational stress as they attempt to balance working and caring for a sick or disabled loved one. Long-term occupational stress can gradually turn into occupational distress as one attempts to manage multiple competing responsibilities, and some caregivers end up leaving their jobs. Caregivers who give up employment face not only the devastating blow of losing their professional role but also losing financial security and work benefits. 


Systematic and Time-Tested Approach 

Taking the Caregiver Wellness Assessment will assist your employee in navigating through their caregiver journey with specific actions that may improve their health and wellness. Support comes in the form of providing the right information at the right time and coordinating assistance based on the employee needs. 


Real-Time and Fact-Based Solutions and Information 

Productivity loss due to workday interruptions and loss/replacement of an employee who may have to provide full-time care for a loved one will pay most of the cost when an employee's caregiving situation goes unsupported by the employer.


Caregiver Friendly 

Provides front-line support for your employees by placing an emphasis on creating awareness about resources and information to monitor their health and long-term wellness when it comes to providing care to loved one or client.


How Employers can Support There is Honor in Asking for Help Caregiver Wellness Campaign 

As an employer you have an opportunity to redefine the way you support your employees who care for an elderly or disabled loved one.


Please contact Caregiver Support Services for more information.




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