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Medication Management Resources for Caregivers

Medication management is a task frequently undertaken by family caregivers. However, most caregivers do not feel that they are properly prepared to safely manage the medications a loved one is taking. This lack of understanding is a major source of dis-stress as having inadequate knowledge about the actions and possible side effects of medications and the symptoms associated of possible drug interactions can directly impact a loved one’s quality of life. Read more...

The following are resources you may find helpful as you assist your loved one manage his or her medications. We also hope that you are empowered to access these resources for your personal wellness.

Medication Quiz
When it comes to taking medicine, there's a lot to remember. How much do you know? Take our quiz!

New Service Available to CSS Members!
Schedule a pharmacy and wellness consultation with Ken Strenfeld Pharmacist and Founder of RXVIP Concierge. As a caregiver it is important that you rely on trusted partners to help manage the challenges your loved one may have with medications. Whether you need assistance with understanding new medications and possible side effects, need help with setting up refills for all prescriptions on the same day each month, setting up delivery, or assisting with reminders for your loved one to take their medications scheduling a pharmacy consult can be of great benefit.

A Wellness Prescription visit can be equally beneficial. During a wellness visit with pharmacist will perform a medication reconciliation and review to make sure that your loved one is adhering to his or her drug regimen and experiencing positive results.

Download this Letter to take to your Physician Today!

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