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Tips for creating a Plan for the Current and Future Care of your Loved One or Client 

The search for balance can be exhibited through the outcomes we strive to reach daily and is best expressed in a plan. Developing a plan for the care of your loved one or client is vitally important to your success and longevity. Your plan can serve as a guide as you care for both you and your loved one. 


5 Steps to Create your Caregiver Action Plan  

Self-assessment is empowering! It is vitally important to the longevity of caregivers. Just as your client's needs change over time, so too will your needs. Having to ability to assess your situation and locate proper resources or training will enhance your well-being. Please follow the 5 steps below to create your Caregiver Support Action Plan.    


Assess your needs and the needs of your loved one. Assessing your situation creates a benchmark, it is empowering and it increases likelihood that you will be successful as you care for yourself and your loved one. 


Once you have assessed and analyzed your caregiving situation, the next step is to develop A Plan of Action. 


Your plan will not happen by itself. In order to see changes and meet the challenges that are associated with caregiving, you must take the necessary steps to keep moving forward. Take time to implement your plan and then evaluate your success. Finally, be sure to discard any practices that you deem to be ineffective. 




Developing and following through with your plan will help you cope with stress. Take time for yourself and do the things you enjoy and respect your health. 


Useful Resources for Caregivers 




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