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Take Care of YOUrself

Step 5

A skilled juggler makes his balancing act look flawless. As each ball flies magically, one after another, from his hand, into the air, and back again, onlookers are mesmerized. However, if you watch a juggler for any amount of time, it will become apparent that he works with a certain rhythm. When this rhythm is interrupted, the balls often drop. Every now and then, it may be difficult to find a harmonious rhythm as a family or frontline caregiver. As a result, just as in the case of the juggler, a few balls may get dropped. When you are able to find a harmonious rhythm as a caregiver you greatly decrease the chances that you will burnout. Although there may be no such thing as a perfect caregiving situation, as you are likely caring for your loved one in the very best way possible, it is important that you do not forget about caring for yourself. 


You are invited to become a member of Caregiver Support Services' Caregiver Wellness Support Center, our membership only website, where we emphasize the importance of viewing wellness as an ongoing process - a work in progress. Our goal is to empower you as a caregiver so that you can put the focus back on you while you strive to achieve optimal caregiver wellness. 


Thanks again for taking the time and visiting our web site.  We salute you in all that you do and please don't hesitate to e-mail us at 


Best wishes with your caregiving journey and thank you for visiting, 


Eboni Green, PhD, RN 



Terrence Green, MBA/CSA 

Co-Founder/VP of Business Development 




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