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FIVE | Take Care of YOURself
FOUR | Evaluate Your Success
THREE | Implement Your Plan
TWO | Develop the plan
ONE | Assess Your Situation
Step 3 & 4




Implement Your Plan 


Once you have a written plan, you should evaluate the plan's overall ability to act as a working action plan. You can begin the practice of listing your accomplishments. The practice of listing accomplishments may assist with staying motivated. The use of journaling and checklists can also be effective motivational practices. Documenting progress and mapping out actions may aid in making a mental note of your accomplishments. Once you have written a plan, you must have the motivation to implement it. The following is a list of suggestions for motivational longevity to implement your plan. 


Is the plan flexible? Make sure the plan has room for adjustment in thoughts and ideas.  


Will the plan maintain your interest? Be sure the plan is worth implementing and that the steps that have been laid out will keep your interest. 


How will you know when you have reached your goal? It should be clear when you have reached your goal, and you should have a plan to celebrate successfully reaching your goal. 


Are the goals well defined? The key to achieving goals is to have them well defined. It's confusing to think about going someplace without knowing your destination. Well-defined goals are a pertinent piece of the road map to success. 


How will you reach your goals? Make sure you write down your action steps. Each action step is a detailed description that will lead directly to reaching the overall goal. It is vital that your action steps are clear. 


Who will assist you in meeting your personal goals? Define those who plan to assist in any possible way in completing each action step. How will each person assist? What is his or her role? How often will he or she need to complete the defined action steps?  


What additional skills and training will you need?  Do you have any questions for which professional services can assist? Are there courses offered in the community that would assist in meeting any of your personal or caregiving goals? There are often a wide variety of courses offered in the community, ranging from communication courses to courses that focus on the personal care of others—seek them out. You can also register for a live Caregiver Wellness webinar or a Caregiver Training Course with Caregiver Support Services.  








Evaluate Success 


There can be a tendency to minimize the successes in our lives and to turn increased energy on the goals you didn't meet. Instead of focusing on unmet goals, try to spend more time and energy focusing on our successes. By no means am I suggesting that we not take mental note when you encounter opportunities to learn. What I am suggesting is to spend very little energy focusing on anything negative in nature. Instead of holding on to negative situations, simply move on. 


Use your Achievements as Building Blocks for the Future  


Building on each achievement can enhance our potential growth. Each individual achievement represents a building block for future successes. We should be mindful of successful practices we discover and make them a natural part of our repertoire. If there is anything not working, we should discard the practice; we don't want to dwell on the ineffectiveness of any practice. 



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