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There is Honor in Asking for Help

There is Honor in Asking for Help Caregiver Wellness Summit - 2018 




The There is Honor in Asking for Help campaign's mission is to advocate and support frontline caregivers who are caring for a loved one and/or client to remain employed and productive in the workplace. Our specific focus is on frontline caregivers who are doing double duty (i.e., working in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant, home care aide, personal assistants, and volunteers and who also care for a family member). 






















The role of family and frontline caregivers has become increasingly important in meeting the needs of the growing aging population. In fact, many family and frontline caregivers are stretched thin as they work in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant, home care aide, personal assistant, or volunteer while also caring for a family member or close friend. Caregivers who are doing double duty are at an increased risk for negative physical and emotional health outcomes, and many find that they are burned out.  


The aging population is expected to double by 2060 while at the same time the pool of individuals available to provide care is expected to sharply decline. For example, there are currently over 33 working- age people for each of the 85 and over group, this ratio falls to fewer than 13 in 20461. Why is this important? There will be significantly fewer caregivers (both family and frontline) from which to draw upon. In fact, recruitment and retention of quality frontline caregivers is a global issue that mirrors the issue of the burgeoning aging population both in complexity and importance. No longer can the unmet needs of this very important population be overlooked as they are the linchpin of the long-term care system.

Caregiver Support Services recognizes the need to empower family and frontline caregivers to advocate for a supportive workplace where retention of quality caregivers is the focus and where there is an environment that fosters the achievement optimum wellness. The "There is Honor in Asking for Help" Caregiver Wellness Summit is designed to increase awareness of the importance and absolute honor in asking for help to ease possible burden among family and frontline caregivers.


The "There is Honor in Asking for Help" Caregiver Wellness Summit is scheduled for Thursday November 15th and Friday November 16th. The Summit will be held at the Marriott in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska. During the two-day summit participants will be engaged in the sharing of best practices, personal experiences, and interactive activities that will be the foundation for implementing caregiver- friendly workplace wellness initiatives, in their respective workplace.  






If you are a Linchpin Caregiver (a caregiver who is doing double duty i.e., working in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant, home care aide, personal assistant, or volunteer, while who also caring for a family member or friend) this summit is for you!  Family caregivers, frontline caregivers, nurses, social workers, human resource managers, and volunteers are also invited to attend. We plan to engage in meaningful dialogue about how caregivers can be better supported in the workplace. This important Caregiver Wellness Summit promises to be an experience that you will not soon forget!   






To make the most out of the Caregiver Wellness Summit, book your accommodations through the Caregiver Support Services' Hotel Room Block. Doing so is the only way to ensure that you receive all conference-related benefits, notifications and welcome information from Caregiver Support Services upon check-in. 

The deadline to receive a Caregiver Support Services'-designated room rate is Friday November 2, 2018. 








Coming soon! Please check back for what will be two power packed days of engaging conversation, meaningful interactions, pampering, and fun!  





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Please come back and visit us soon! 


1Ortman, J. M., Velkoff, V.A., & Hogan, H. (2014). An Aging Nation: The Older Population in the United States. Population Estimates and Projections. Current Population Reports  



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